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Why our IT services are something you should look forward to

Why our IT services are something you should look forward to

Who we are

Why our IT services are something you should look forward to: You’re reading this stuff on the Redcrix platform which aspires to be Web & Mobile provider to the customers worldwide.

The expanding Technological landscape in India has led to innovations in various features. The developments have radically changed the sociological and behavioral patterns of millions of Indians and with it, of thousands of its businesses. This has led to rapid growth and the need to quickly find the appropriate talent for developing and securing the Technological space for unhindered and seamless delivery of its various services.

On a matter of tacit acknowledgment that modern businesses need to stay aligned with the latest web development trends and the requirements of their customers.

In an arena of such intense activity, finding the right candidate to fulfill the job roles at our client’s ends becomes our responsibility.

That’s where we come in.

Our expertise in various segments including IT products, IT services, helps us in analyzing the ever-changing needs of the consulting industry and seeks the best talent for pivotal roles. We believe in driving change for both established as well as emerging business providers. As one of the pioneers in the recruitment industry in India, we are credited with securing placement for some of the most eminent leaders at the most respectable positions across the industry.

That’s a brief view of Redcrix for you. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We believe consultancy isn’t just about providing right tools and instruments to the client. We think of the client as a guy who’s stuck on a diversion which splits into two roads into the woods. This seems superficial and artistic but it helps us remain glued to our vision. It’s like helping somebody with a math problem. You get the idea.

Having said that; that’s not to say our clients are not capable of doing it. Yes they are. Yes you are. But it makes things easier when you have an expert by your side.

We provide custom web application development and solutions. We used the word web because we are involved in every aspect of it. Be it mobile development; machine learning; web design; web development; web creation; web page design. You name it. We have it.

We have expertise in on demand platform for Android and iOS, the team had completed more than 100+ Apps and websites.

Services provided

Why our IT services are something you should look forward to

Following are the services provided by us :


Redcrix goes an extra mile in providing app development with Ionic framework. Our ionic based app development services are simplifying the way to create hybrid mobile applications.


A Progressive Web App (PWA) delivers an app-like experience to users. We offer solution and support at each level of development and delivers best-in-class applications to our clients worldwide.


We provide machine learning and artificial intelligence services to our client who wants to apply smarter solutions to their business problems.

React Native

Hire React Native mobile developers to get best-in-class applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and turn your application idea into reality.


Redcrix is the leading Angular development company in India. We create features to meet the unique requirements of the application.


We provide WordPress web development services for simple as well as complex enterprise grade content management systems.


Our team of top Node.js developers has the high level of expertise with MongoDB, Express.js, AWS, etc to fully meet the business requirements.

Why choose Redcrix?

There are many service providing firms which claim to be the top notch in the business. However below are the pints which sets us apart from our competitors:

  • We have one of the best proficient teams in consultation related handling.
  • Our clients haven’t faced loss in their venture with us so far.
  • We are willing to provide proper support for the developed product as we understand not everybody is well equipped with such knowledge.
  • Clients database is easily accessible.
  • The entire process is done in a hassle free manner. The client only has the final role in selection.
  • We carry out all other formalities ourselves.
  • We also take the assessment of the business capital so that you need not pay unnecessary.
  • We carry out audit work smoothly and perfectly.
  • We have a large network with professionals that are working in the different industries.
  • We stick to the agreed time schedules of the  procedure.
  • If the job applicant is really efficient, we assist him to find a suitable job with a guarantee. In case of a recruitment service.
  • Our expertise lies in strengthening two kinds of organizations: local governments and nonprofits. We’re consulting specialists rather than generalists, focusing our strengths to do a highly effective job for a very specific group of clients.
  • We’re responsive towards client’s need.
  • After about 1.5 years of operation we have over 55 clients in the world, more than 100 projects finished, and we have 25 experts working on ongoing assignments right now as you read it.

Scrolling this far; if you still got questions we’ll be happy to answer them. Reach us at :

Hotline 24/7

(+91) 98880 – 98200 – (+91) 98880 – 98200


Redcrix Consultancy Service, Tdi Business Centre,
Sector 117, Mohali, India.

Here’s our website


Why our IT services are something you should look forward to: The honest conclusion to this is that we’re not the biggest players in the industry yet. But we do intend to provide you quality service and build a long term relationship in order to free you from the hassle of finding good services. There won’t be a final conclusion because we’re willing to improve. By the time you read this probably were ahead of what you know about us.

Looking forward to work with you.

Why our IT services are something you should look forward to for this visit our website

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