Government Software

There used to be a webpage for practically everything a few years ago. Nowadays, there is an app for nearly everything thanks to the development of smartphones. As part of the Digital India plan, the Indian government and allied organizations have also developed a number of applications. These may be useful during a lockdown, when being socially isolated, or in everyday conditions.

List of Government Mobile Apps

Below is a list of both recently released and older government apps.

  • Aarogya Setu App
  • Aaykar Setu App
  • BHIM UPI App
  • DigiLocker App
  • ePathshala App
  • GST Rate Finder App
  • Indian Police at Your Call App
  • mAadhaar App
  • MADAD App
  • mParivahan App

The process of government and citizen communication can advance thanks to standardisation. We can readily compare each app because they are all run according to a standard.

Not only that, standardization apps can make the possibility to collaborate between gov department.

The government no longer needs to set aside significant funds to hold the training, which is the second benefit. Also, users can quickly become accustomed to using the software.

You may envision what might happen if various companies created government apps. The government will pay a lot of money to acquire the licence from them under these circumstances.

Nevertheless, things will be very different if we have apps for standards. The cost of the licence will be little. Also, the standardised apps will make maintenance simple and completely affordable.

Using standardized E-Government Apps also giving the ease of calculate the budget and the management cost. At that moment, the government wont feeling something difficult at calculating the money usage.

At the last, standardization on E-Government Apps also can make the productivity increased. This thing really related to the ease of operate. As we know, the operator that running the government app isn’t someone that really has skill to running the app.

Surely, those were about the things we can get if we have standardization about E-Government Apps. We can make clean government and bring the public service being better than before.