Media & Entertainment Software

Redcrix provides specialized media and entertainment mobile app development services that are intended to elevate your brand above the burgeoning field of entertainment mobile applications as well as help you become a household name. Our team knows how to create applications for media and entertainment that will not only keep users interested but also have a lasting impact on their lives.

Media & Entertainment Development Company

Apps for media and entertainment have become a need in our life. We can assist you in creating fantastic apps that give users outstanding app experiences because we are intimately familiar with the potential of this dynamic market. The media and entertainment apps we create will prove to be a key step in growing your company.

Media & Entertainment Features

By connecting and involving people with your own custom-built media application, you can give your customers the best online leisure experience. The following are some excellent features to check out in your entertainment and media application:

  • Audio & video streaming
  • News, blog, posts, reviews
  • Real-Time content update
  • In-app purchases
  • Push notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy Subscription

To include all of your most recent blog and social media updates, integrate your RSS feed.

Use a video streaming app to integrate with Vimeo or YouTube to have all of your videos imported instantly.

You can upload all of your audio files to our media center to build a podcast or music streaming app.

Innovative telematics systems that let companies keep an eye on key stats like traffic, fuel consumption, insurance data, and more.

Make it simple for customers to find material, and assist them in doing so.

Then, tease users by hiding stuff that isn’t yet accessible by setting a future release date.

Make your courses all accessible at once, or schedule the release of lessons. Provide users offline access to material.