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MongoDB: Features and Benefits

MongoDB is a NoSQL File-based DBMS. In this, the data is stored in files at three levels: documents, collections, and DB’s. Let’s have a deeper dive into its features and benefits. KeyRead More...
redcrixnew | Jun 5, 20200

Internal working of React Native

React Native helps you create real and exciting mobile applications using JavaScript only, which is supportable for both Android and iOS platforms devices. Just code once, and the React Native apps areRead More...
redcrixnew | Jun 5, 20201

WordPress: A brief description of new users

Knowing everything about WordPress First, let us start with exactly what it is WordPress (WordPress.org) is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQLRead More...
redcrixnew | May 29, 20200

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web application development is the process involved with building a web application. It is more focused on interacting with the browser than standard engineering processes. Most cases of web application developmentRead More...
redcrixnew | May 29, 20201
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