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Mobile App Development Platform


Using the best mobile app development software makes creating apps for your business easy.

This is significant because mobile apps were traditionally associated with gaming and information; business applications are now integral to many daily business operations.

This is reflected in the availability of smartphones and BYOD policies (Bring Your Device) that allow employees to use their iPhones or Android phones for business processes. These include productivity apps (opens with a new tab) and collaborative Software (opens with a new tab).

With the availability of machine-learning and augmentation options, technology is constantly improving. This allows you to add layers of information and communication to your digital services. App development is now possible for marketing services (opens in new window), retail, product design, deployment, and Software as a Service (SAAS).

Software development platforms allow you to create white-label apps using basic configurations and templates. These platforms allow businesses to create in-house apps or apps for the open marketplace.

We’ll be highlighting the top mobile app development platforms.

React Native

Its is built and supported by Facebook, is an accessible, cross-platform application development framework that has become the preferred option of the programmers. React Native enables native rendering of the mobile application for iOS and Android. It is based on React, the Facebook has designed JavaScript library for building the UI.

The most exemplary instances of React Native apps are those from prominent businesses like Tesla, Airbnb, Skype, or Amazon Prime.


Ionic is a platform that provides optimized UI components, gestures, and tools to help you create interactive apps. It is free and open-source. It comes with pre-designed UI components that look great on all screens. Also, it has a base theme that can be easily adapted to all platforms. Ionic’s new version features more UI elements for iOS and Android and design enhancements. Ionic allows developers to write one codebase and then run it anywhere. Developers can upload their apps to the app shop or create a PWA using a single codebase. Developers can use Ionic CLI to reload, integrate and deploy.

This tool is commonly used to create hybrid mobile applications and progressive Web apps. You have complete control over the entire app-building process. What’s more? You can build on Ionic with any tech stack, including Angular, React, Vue and JavaScript.


Flutter lets you ‘build apps anywhere.’ Google’s open-source Flutter framework allows you to create multi-platform native apps with one code base. It allows for fast rendering and rapid development of apps on any device. It manages the codebase and automates testing to guarantee app performance. It uses Dart to create fast apps. Flutter is a simple platform for developers. Developers can also get help from the global Google developer network. Many companies use Flutter to create their apps. Flutter is used for the Groupon app, which is based in Chicago. 


Mendix is a low-code platform that allows mobile application developers to create apps quickly. Mendix is a leader in enterprise application development thanks to its cloud architecture, intelligent automation, and data integration. You can create apps with Mendix, whether you are a developer or a business owner. Mendix makes it easy to move from ideation to implementation. The integrated platform provides both low-code and no-code tooling. This platform makes it easier to develop applications and allows the user to explore AI for smart apps. It also lets them create visual touchpoints that guarantee customer delight.

Android Studio

The official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Google Android app operating system. Although there are many Android app language choices, the two official languages for Android App development are Kotlin and Java. The Kotlin is quickly proving itself to be a superior programming language for mobile app development and presents developers.

The android app is built using the software patterns needed to develop maintainable mobile apps comprised of core Android components and enhances performance. Although Kotlin is the modern statically typed programming language that helps boost productivity and code safety, while Kotlin Android outperforms React Native Android applications with the performance.


owned by Apple, and therefore, it is mainly used for creating and developing apps within the Apple environment. Xcode is a complete developer toolset for iOS apps written in Objective-C or Swift. 

Xcode helps in faster development, as it contains a very sophisticated set of tools in its Interface. You can create your UI by dragging and dropping components and edit those with a series of menus and helpers.


Even if you have no technical knowledge, the best mobile app development softwares makes it simple to create an app. Any of the tools in our list may be suitable for you, depending on what you need and what type of app it is.

If you are interested in getting an app built for your business, you should contact us. REDCRIX is a mobile app development company that powers on-demand mobile apps and business apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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