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Open Source Data Sets for Machine Learning Training Model

Whenever you hear the term AI, you must think about the data behind it.

In this post, I am sharing a collection of open source data sets available, to actually train the Machine Learning model to perform various actions.

A data set is a collection of data. In ML projects, we need a training data set.

1. Xray-Images


2. US Government

  • NOAA – (motions, inflation, environmental data)
  • US Census Data – (demographics)
  • – (employment/un-employment, product categories)

3. UK Government

  • UK Dataservice – (census data)
  • WorldBank – (census, demographics, geographic, health, income, GDP)
  • IMF (economic, currency, finance, commodities)

Find your Fun Application ideas using these dataset:

  • (variety)
  • (35 Million product reviews)
  • Group (20M MOVIE ratings)
  • IMDB – (25M Movie ratings)
  • Twitter Sentiments – (160k Tweets)
  • AirBnb –
  • UCI ML Datasets –
  • EMAIL dataset – (500k Emails)
  • SpamBase – (emails)
  • (200K questions and answers)
  • Gutenberg EBOOKS – (LARGE collection of ebooks)

Training Images using Natural Language Processing:

  1. ImageNet – (14M images).
  2. Google – (9M images URLs with labels)
  3. Microsoft Coco – (330k Images, mostly labelled)
  4. Stanford Dogs – (120 dog breeds, 20K images)

    Please comment below if you are pridicting something out of it.

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